How can I use BONGO?

All you need to do is text message your question (or FULL NAME & SUBURB) to 199 266 46 (total cost $4.50/msg sent includes researched answer, all texts, and GST). Anything can be asked and within a few minutes you'll receive an answer back on your mobile phone. Answers will be concise because 199BONGO is limited to 1 text message per answer, which equals 160 characters.

Can anyone use BONGO?

BONGO is available to all mobile phone users on all networks in Australia. So you can use it on any mobile phone, anywhere in Australia. You can also use BONGO when you are overseas as long as your Australian mobile phone has international roaming.

How much does BONGO cost?

The total service cost for BONGO is only $4.50/msg sent. This includes GST and all texts, so the bottom-line is just $4.50. Please note if your message length exceeds the standard text message length (160 characters) you will incur additional charges.

What questions can I ask?

You can ask BONGO anything you could think of. Have a look at our home page for a more comprehensive list of things that we can answer. Also, take a look at our policy to know where we draw the line with questions and answers.

How do I give feedback?

You can email us at [email protected]. Please feel free to leave us comments, suggestions or just general feedback about what you think of.

Will Bongo ever message me without sending him a message first?

BONGO may send you a message if you have not used the service for a while and he has some fresh gossip but this will not charge your phone. You are only charged when you send Bongo an SMS. These messages will start with 'FreeMSG:'. If you wish to stop receiving these messages you can unsubscribe from the service by texting in STOP or following think link and following the instructions.

Can I ask a question in more than one text message?

No. A single text message is 160 characters. However, most phones allow you to write longer messages. If a text message is over 160 characters it will be divided in to 2 questions and therefore you will be charged twice at $4.50 per text.

Can I reply to answers?

We don't recommend it because it will appear as another question in our system and you will be billed $4.50/msg sent. Please see our contact us page if you would like to leave feedback.

I've asked a question but haven't received an answer?

If for any reason BONGO has received your question but you haven't received a reply within an hour it's possible that your text message has been delayed or lost in the mobile phone network. Try sending it again, or email us at [email protected] and give details of the question asked, including your mobile phone number, time and date and network operator.

How does BONGO work?

BONGO works thanks to a number of intelligent human researchers and a very sophisticated software application with a huge database.

Will Bongo service change?

BONGO reserves the right to review and make changes to its policies, service and charges without notice. Please ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions and FAQ page which will display the latest information.